The first candle you'll love, that you can't wait to finish.

Come for the candle, stay for the plant.

Scented candles are only the beginning of your MOVINKA journey.

Each candle in this collection comes complete with an exclusive Flame to Flora seed & soil kit, so you can sustainably recycle your jar by transforming it into a home for a new plant to grow.

    Take a look inside

    Our Flame to Flora boxes offer more than just a candle. You'll also have everything you need to grow a new plant once your flame burns out.

    Choose between Pots o' Beauty, Herb or Polka Dot plant seeds, specially handpicked for the current season. Don't worry, we've got you covered for the soil too. Our instant soil pellets come dry and mess free, all you have to do is add water to expand - now that's magic.

    ECO TIP:  Re-use your Flame to Flora bag to store small items such as jewellery or the herbs you grow afterwards (yes  - they are food grade!). Or fill it with dried lavender flowers and use it as a scent bag to freshen up your old drawers.

      Choose your seeds

      How does it work?

      Burn, Grow, Love.

      1. 1
        Lit small amber jar candle on a wooden table. Framed image of plants in the background. On the right, next to the candle is a glass bowl of used matches. On the left in the background, is an amber jar with a white label with a pot plant inside.

        Invigorate your senses with your choice of one of our 8 Signature Scents.

      2. 2
        Empty small amber glass jar with a white label and black text. The jar is sitting on top of a kraft box. Next to the jar sits a silver aluminium lid. Another candle is in the background next to a dried plant in a vase.

        Stop burning when the wax reaches 1.5cm from the bottom of the jar. Remove excess wax from jar. See our FAQs for tips on how to safely remove wax.

      3. 3
        Birdseye view of a glass jug pouring water into an amber glass jar filled with soil pellets, with a wooden tabletop in the background.

        Expand Soil Pellets. Just add water!

      4. 4
        hand planting seeds into a an amber jar. Matches and a MOVINKA labelled seed packet in the background.

        Plant your seeds. Follow the instructions on your seed packet.

      5. 5
        A watering can is pouring water into an amber glass pot plant with pink leaves. On the left is a large green leaf. In the background, a framed image of a plant.

        Water and grow. Pop it on your windowsill or in a sunny spot, and watch as your little seedlings sprout.

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