Flame to Flora Collection

Burn, Grow, Love.

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    Lit small amber jar candle on a wooden table. Framed image of plants in the background. On the right, next to the candle is a glass bowl of used matches. On the left in the background, is an amber jar with a white label with a pot plant inside.

    Invigorate your senses with one of our 8 Signature Scents, made with 100% Natural Coconut & Soy Wax.

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    Repurpose your jar and grow a new life with our exclusive Flame to Flora seed & soil kit. Choose from 3 seed types.

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    Nourish your plant with a recipe of love, water and sun. Admire what a green thumb you've become.

A sustainable gift that keeps on giving.

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Hear from our community

"Received a Moondance scent/Polka Dot Plant and I absolutely love it. My plant has been growing pretty well and the scent never fails to bring good vibes to my room. Gifted it to a colleague and they loved it as well!"

Wi Vern Ng, Moondance - Flame to Flora Collection

"This candle smells DELICIOUS and exactly like your favourite chai latte. As a plant lover, I am also SO excited to grow my little polka dot plant! Delivery was quick and packaging super cute and sustainable. Will definitely be purchasing this again and trying out the other scents."

Lauren Marshall, Chai - Flame to Flora Collection

"Candles tend to be the gift you give when you don't know what to give. Movinka is so much more. Having an option for a gift which is thoughtful and sustainable is amazing. The candles have a wonderful scent, and the potted plant creates a unique touch. The packaging is simple and beautiful with a personalised message from the maker. It'll be my go to gift from now on."

Renaye Loryman, Tuscany - Flame to Flora Collection

"A collaboration of sense and sensibility. What a wonderful concept this is, beautifully packaged and amazing candles ..there is such sense of a love for Mother Earth."

Andrew Miller, Moondance - Flame to Flora Collection

"The Explorer Tealight Discovery Set is the perfect way to experience all of the yummy MOVINKA fragrances. I gave it to my Mum for Mother's Day and she loves it - she just has to tell me which is her fav so I can get her the full size candle for the next present :)"

Nicole, Explorer Tea Light Disover Set

What do we mean by "Consciously Crafted"?

Our mindful values extend to all stages of our business, from sourcing, to production, to delivery. We aim to bring you memorable luxuries, making sure we tread lightly on Mother Earth's land. Throughout our processes, we produce with love; taking care of each other and giving back where we can.

Wooden spoon with shaved wax on top and on the table

100% plant based wax

MOVINKA candles are made from 100% natural and renewable coconut & soy wax, the sustainable alternative to palm or parrafin wax.

Did you know?

In the Australian market, a candle only needs to contain 20% soy to be labelled as a Soy Candle. Read our Let's talk about natural wax! blog post to find out more.

    A natural beauty

    At times our candles may reset with natural imperfections, this is a telltale sign that our wax is pure and free from additives that would otherwise hold it together. In trade for a guaranteed smooth surface, you'll get a cleaner and longer burn.

      Carefully selected ingredients, poured with intent

      Our candles are scented with quality fragrances that are free from phthalate and parabens, and lit with lead-free natural cotton wicks. Each candle is hand poured locally with love and care in small batches, blended with maximum fragrance load to ensure a long lasting and immersive scent. 

        Earth friendly packaging

        All our products come beautifully wrapped in sustainably sourced recyclable packaging and are delivered with carbon neutral shipping. Take the step to plastic free with us.

          Our Story


          I'm Tahls, founder of MOVINKA candles.

          When life gives you lemons, they say make lemonade; If by lemons you mean being stood down from work during a global pandemic and by lemonade you mean using my newfound time to create something that I love, then that’s exactly what I did. 

          I named MOVINKA after a wordplay of my move to Inkerman Street in St Kilda - a new place, and a new chapter in my life that allowed me the space to create this project.

          The idea of the Flame to Flora Collection came to me as I was burning through countless candles at home and stacking up on empty jars. I wanted to give others an enjoyable purpose to re-use their jars with minimal effort, and positively encourage the reduction of waste going to landfill.  

          While I know throwing away your candle jar isn't necessarily going to destroy the planet, I believe that we should all do what we can to reduce waste and our impact on the environment, so giving new life to an old candle is a small step in the right direction. When creating a business it was important to me that whatever I did, it was in a socially responsible way. 

          MOVINKA’s ethos is that repurposing is fun and you don’t have to be doing zero waste perfectly to try. I hope that in a small way, MOVINKA inspires others to think consciously about ways they can repurpose old products.

            Thanks for stopping by, your support to shop local means everything. And yes, I do a little dance each time an order is put through.

            Tahls - Founder

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