What type of wax are MOVINKA candles made of?

Our candles are made from a premium blend of 100% natural coconut and soy wax, free from palm and paraffin contents. Did you know that many candle brands out there market their products as "soy" when in fact they contain less than 20% soy? Our wax has been lab tested to show that it is free from synthetic materials, leaving you with all the good stuff only. Mother nature would be proud.


What makes coconut & soy blend wax so great?

On top of being natural, coconut wax gives our candles a gorgeous creamy soy finish and slows down the burn so you can enjoy it for longer. It burns cleaner and releases less soot and smoke when compared to paraffin candles. To top it all off, it's biodegradable so it’s easy to clean with some hot soapy water.


Why does my new MOVINKA candle have droplets on top or why do some parts of the jar look like they have air bubbles trapped?

All our candles are hand poured in small batches, so each one is unique. We try our best to keep them all consistent but natural wax is known to crack, sweat, shrink and expand particularly when the temperature or weather changes abruptly. This doesn't affect the performance of the candle at all, it's just a sign that our wax is free from synthetic additives that would otherwise hold that perfect finish. Read our Let's talk about natural wax blog post for more info!

Why is the surface of my MOVINKA candle bumpy after burning?

If you find this happening to your candle, don't worry. In fact, do the opposite of worrying. This is a tell tale sign that our wax is natural and free from synthetic additives that would otherwise hold it together. In trade for a guaranteed smooth surface, you'll get a cleaner, longer burn with a stronger scent throw. Now that's a tradeoff we'd invest in. Read our Let's talk about natural wax blog post for more info!

I know MOVINKA candles are made of natural wax, but what about the fragrances?

Natural fragrances come in the form of essential oils, which we are yet to stock. We want to be as transparent with our customers as possible. In order for us (or any other brand) to bring you unique non-plant based scents, we need to use synthetic fragrances. However, we ensure that these high quality fragrances are sourced from verified suppliers, and are free from the nasties like parabens and phthalates. That way you can get the fun of adventurous scents, as well as a safer burn!


How do I look after my candle and ensure I'm burning and storing it correctly?

See our CANDLE CARE page for all the answers, or refer to the safety sticker under your candle.




What is the FLAME TO FLORA collection?

See our FLAME TO FLORA page for details.


What does Zero Waste mean?

Here at MOVINKA we encourage you to follow a Zero Waste lifestyle. This means exhausting items to the very end of their means, and reusing them wherever possible. All our candles come with a seed and soil kit, so you can recycle our jars once the candle burns out, and transform it into a home for new seedlings to grow. Our Flame to Flora bags can also be reused as scent bags for old drawers, and remember to recycle our packaging once you're done with it. Or better yet, use it to store belongings.


How do I remove excess wax from my jar?


There are a few easy ways to do this. Our favourite is the freezer method. Once your candle has burned down to 1.5cm of wax, pop it in the freezer overnight. The soft wax will then harden, and then simply use a butterknife to gently crack the wax and the solid block should then be able to be removed easily. Rinse out the jar with warm soapy water to remove any remains. Our wax is completely natural and biodegradable. Another method is to pour boiling water into the jar and let the wax melt and float to the top. Set the jar aside in a safe area. When the water cools, the wax will form a floating block. Simply remove/discard the excess wax and then rinse off the jar with warm soapy water. You're now ready to plant!


I'm ready to plant, how many seeds should I sow?

Depending on your type of seeds, our Flame to Flora kits could include more seeds than you need to fit your jar. Note that some of the seeds are very fine. If you have the Polka Dot variation, plant all the seeds and then thin out to the strongest 1 or 2 seedlings once they sprout. If you have a variation with many smaller seeds, follow the instructions on the back of your seed packet. Don't worry if you plant too many, thin out to the strongest 2 or 3 seedlings once they develop 2-4 leaves. You can keep the rest for another time, or sow them in the garden/other pots.


My seedlings aren't growing, what am I doing wrong?

Growing a plant from a seed is kind of like taking care of a baby, without the crying and sleepless nights of course. But they do require patience and a bit of TLC. We've specially picked out seeds that are quick and easy to grow, but be sure to still check they are receiving enough sunlight, and keep the soil moist but not wet. If you still have no luck, try moving the jar to a different area. Please note seeds are harder to grow in very cold conditions and perform best in warmer or sunnier environments.


Which seed type should I pick?


Our seed types are all uniquely different from each other but they are all easy to grow. The Polka Dot Plant is the quickest to sprout, Pots O' Beauty is the easiest to maintain and doesn't require repotting for a while, and our Herbs are edible but can take a little longer to sprout.


Can I pick what herb variety I want?

If you have a preference between Basil, Oregano or Mint (best in summer), leave a note at checkout! We'll do our best to accommodate but please note this is subject to availability.


What happens when the seedlings outgrow the jar?

The time will come when your seedlings graduate and grow too large for your jar to hold. When this happens, carefully scoop them out below the roots and transplant them to a larger pot or the garden for them to flourish freely. Purchase another Flame to Flora Kit to start your cycle again.


Can I use my own seeds? 

Of course you can, in fact we encourage it. We supply a range of seeds as a starting point, but feel free to explore what nature has to offer, and use our soil as a base for other seed varieties. Just be sure whatever seeds you pick are fit for growing in small jars.




How long does it take to process my order?

If your item is in stock, we dispatch every Tuesday and Thursday. If you have pre-ordered, please allow 1-2 weeks for production before dispatch.


How much does shipping cost?

We charge a flat rate of $7.50 Australia wide or FREE on orders over $90.
Unfortunately we do not offer international shipping at this stage.


How long does shipping take?

We use Australia Post and Sendle as our regular carriers. Usually deliveries are made within 2-5 business days after shipping, although unforeseen delays can occur on the carriers end. You will receive tracking notifications via email once your order is placed and your item has been lodged for shipping.


I'm sending a package as a gift, can I include note?

Of course. Just let us know by leaving a comment at check out.


Can I ask for signature on delivery?

Our default option is to give the courier authority to leave your parcel in a safe spot. If you have any special delivery instructions, or would like to request a signature on delivery please contact us at movinka.candles@gmail.com or leave a note at checkout.


What do I do if I need to make a return or if I'm unhappy with my product?

If you have a change of mind or are unhappy with your purchase, we have a 30-day return policy. See our DELIVERY & REFUNDS page for more details on how to process a return.


I have a question that hasn't been answered.

No worries, you can always contact us at movinka.candles@gmail.com or via our contact form here.